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Hoptimist Ladybug - Red

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Go beyond optimism to Hoptimism! Simply press gently on the Hoptimist’s head, release, and watch it spring up and down with joy.

Gustav Ehrenreich created the happy Hoptimist movement in his Danish workshop in the late 1960s. There's a cheerful Hoptimist for every occasion, and you can always find a Hoptimist to spread cheer no matter where it lands. Spreading joy and putting a smile on others' faces is what the whole Hoptimist movement is all about.

No two Hoptimists are exactly the same. Each and every Hoptimist is hand assembled and therefore they each have some degree of uniqueness. You can be absolutely certain that all Hoptimists are equally joyful; however they may have slight variances in height, direction etc. This is due to spring variations and the individual assembly.

Plastic with a metal spring. Ages 3+. Not for children under 3 years of age.

Approx. 2.75" tall.
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