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Aglae-Anis Scarf

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Born into a French and Italian family, Marie Gozard's European roots gave her a taste for traveling and discovering new cultures and horizons, until she landed in India. It was a journey that lasted six years, during which Marie nourished her passion for colors and materials.

In 2007, she returned to France and joined by her twin sister Françoise Micciche in 2016, launched their brand, combining the use of India's ancestral know-how with their passion for French fashion. Since her journey began, Marie has maintained a special and unique attachment to India. Although the designs of her products are made in Lyon, France, she entrusts her production to historical and artisanal suppliers whom she visits regularly and has worked with for more than 16 years. India, world famous for its weaving techniques, its beautiful materials and embroideries, perfectly matches the style and colors of the designer, and gives character to the products. On site several times a year, Marie sources new materials, trends, ensures quality control of production and respect for environmental and ethical standards.

She says, “I have Italian roots, a deep attachment to India where I have lived for a long time, a bag and a scarf in my hand, always ready for new journeys. The world and encounters are the infinite source of my inspiration." Her designs are known for their nonconformist style that stand out at first glance.

Scarf is made of 100% embroidered twill wool and measure 31.5" x 75".

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