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Camille Earrings

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These colorful earrings are made in France of plastic, steel, and acrylic bead. 2.25" long.

Parisian designer Samuel Coraux offers unique and resolutely contemporary jewelry. By playing with color and light, he offers clean lines of quirky, sculptural and graphic elegance. The three axes of Samuel Coraux’s work are movement, color and volume. For Samuel Coraux, jewelry is not neutral, it’s an extension of oneself, a hidden part that we want to highlight.

Coraux says,”I became a jewelry designer by chance, in French we say ‘by accident’ which is actually true! For a long time I worked in cinema, TV, documentary…Then, one quiet day on a Normandy road, under the midday sun, my life changed forever. I lost control of my old convertible car which rolled over. I saw the sky, the brightness of the sun, the green fields, the midnight blue of the asphalt - all those fantastic colors merged into one and time ceased to exist. Then everything stopped, the car was smoking and I was still alive! Sometimes you need to stop the clock so you can start doing what you really want…”
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