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Marrakesh Chopsticks - Set of 4 Pairs

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Upgrade your dining experience with Marrakesh Reusable Chopsticks. You'll instantly feel the difference with these smooth, masterfully-crafted chopsticks in your hands— no more rubbing those disposable chopsticks together to get rid of the splinters! The chopsticks also feature grooved rings at each tip to improve grip on noodles, rice, meat, vegetables and more; looks like your sushi-dropping days are over!

Each eye-catching chopstick is composed of layers of colored birch wood to create a gorgeous blend of red, green, orange, blue and natural wood colors. They add a pleasant pop of color to your dining table that's sure to wow your guests when entertaining friends and family. They're also great to pack on-the-go for work and school lunches, picnics or dining out at your favorite restaurants. At 9-7/8" long, they reach even the deepest of noodle bowls. The chopstick set is lightweight, strong and long-lasting for reuse.

When the dining is done, hand wash with warm soap and water or wipe with a damp cloth; do not soak or wash in the dishwasher. Pack includes service for four with four pairs of chopsticks.
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