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Mini Pentagon Desk Bulb

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As they say, lighting can make or break your space. With the Mini Pentagon Desk Bulb, you can bring out the true beauty of your space owing to its minimalist elegance.

Unlike traditional light bulbs, the Mini Pentagon Desk Bulb does not need to connect to electricity—it is fully portable and rechargeable, thanks to the USBC port in the back.

The light comes through the Premium Frosted Acrylic Glass, ensuring an even and more prominent glow. All bulbs have a solid wooden part , which comes in Walnut or White Ash wood finishing.

You can switch between the 7 rotating soft RGB lights and white warm light mode with a gentle tap on the wooden piece. 

What sets the Mini Pentagon Desk Bulb apart is that it stands on both the wooden and glass sides, so you can play up this feature to make your space look one-of-a-kind; this is where art meets functionality! The soft light emanating from the lamps is perfect for people who wish to beautify and enhance the aesthetic of their space without going over the top.

Offering up to 26 hours of battery life, the Mini Pentagon Desk Bulb is equipped to be your die-hard illuminating partner!

Each Mini Pentagon Desk Bulb is 130mm (5.1") high x 75mm (3") wide. Sold individually.


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